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I am Pippa


Former telenovela star Pippa is in her forties and struggling to reestablish herself as an actress. Chasing after her dreams, she hurries from one audition to another, constantly being confronted with the role of the mother. After an unexpected meeting with her estranged daughter Luna, the role Pippa has been denying suddenly becomes her reality.

The first E-casting I ever made was for Yasmin Joerg, SONO PIPPA. I played a very small role in the film, it took only one shooting day. The real sad part about playing a small role is not necessarily having little screen time but having no chance to actually connect with the crew members and actors. I loved it the minute I came on set, yet I knew I wasn't really part of it.


It was fascinating to see how things could also work having a proper crew, with sett designers, light technicians, make up artist, costume designer, photographer, all of it! This little experience gave me motivation to keep working until one day I would have my own crew as well. I was very impressed with the end result, Yasmin has truly made a great film.

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